About Us

Nail Of America: The Nation's Canvas of Self-Expression

We are proud to present you, Nail Of America, and we are more than a nail salon—it’s a cultural mosaic. As one of America’s most celebrated chain of nail salons, we’ve made it our mission to serve as your go-to canvas for self-expression. With many locations that share a common vision, we bring an unparalleled experience of beauty and art to your fingertips.

What Makes Us Different

Nationwide Trust

At Nail Of America, we maintain an unparalleled standard of quality that transcends state lines. You can expect the same exceptional service that has garnered us praise from coast to coast.

Artistic License

Step into any Nail Of America salon, and you enter a world of artistic possibility. Our trained professionals are not just technicians—they're nail artists. This gives you the unique ability to customize your nails as an expression of your individual style.